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A Catechetical Media Platform

Yes Catholic Hangout is a catechetical media platform where we are guided on ways to say YES to our CATHOLIC FAITH, in the challenging situation of syncretism and Enculturation winds in our modern society.
In learning and assimilating the practices and values of different cultures yet still be equally able to say YES to your CATHOLIC FAITH , catechesis is ‘most wanted’ and highly recommended.
Facing the inflation of varieties in religious believes and schools of Thought, YES CATHOLIC HANGOUT , therefore becomes a timely intervention to catechize “to the ends of the earth” (Missio ad gentes no. 2).



— Catechesis, Retreats, Conferences and Summits

We organize catechism classes retreats, Conferences and summits for converts, catechumens and communicants .
This excise will cover the Doctrine, Devotion and Discipline of the Catholic Church.

— Emmanuelite

An Emmanuelite is a member of the Congregation of Christ the Emmanuel. Congregation of Christ the Emmanuel is a Sacerdotal Institute of Consecrated and Apostolic Life that is provisionally under the Umbrella of Catholic Diocese of Aba, whose Founder is Rev. Fr. Prof. John .O. Egbulefu CCE.

— Conflict resolution Forum

The versatility of the conflict causation are usually addressed from the root. This media forum creates an effective dialogical environment for diverse societal tyrannies and Delinquencies.



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