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We are a catechetical media platform

es Catholic Hangout is a catechetical media platform where we are guided on ways to say YES to our CATHOLIC FAITH, in the challenging situation of syncretism and Enculturation winds in our modern society.

In learning and assimilating the practices and values of different cultures yet still be equally able to say YES to your CATHOLIC FAITH , catechesis is ‘most wanted’ and highly recommended facing the inflation of varieties in religious believes and schools of Thought, YES CATHOLIC HANGOUT , therefore becomes a timely intervention to catechize to “to the ends of the earth” (Missio ad gentes no. 2) .

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Being obedient to the Call of the Council Fathers to explore “technological discoveries “ and properly utilize the media in announcing the Good News which is the duty of pastors ( Inter Merifica, No’s. 1,2,and 3) , YES CATHOLIC HANGOUT uses the media to instruct the faithful about their faith. 
YESCH , equally serves as a healing and consolation for all victims of syncretic believes.
This Educational and Event planning service center enjoys its establishment on 22nd January 2019. 

To train people to always and confidently say yes to their catholic faith

To become a timely intervention to catechize to “to the ends of the earth


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